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Thanks for the comment ^.^
I usually don't colourize since it sometimes turns out bad. If I do colourize, I try to stick to 2 colours - maximum 3 - or it feels a little crowded... And I kinda lower the opacity a little so it doesn't make the colour too strong ._.

Posted by Firiath on Jan 10, 09 4:43 am · History

ello trish...

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Oct 18, 08 12:37 pm · History

would u mind if i asked u to help me make me a layout?

Posted by CrystalsTheBest on Oct 12, 08 7:19 pm · History

lol thank you for the script layout =] and i'm glad i could help!

Posted by PeRRiiN on Oct 11, 08 6:27 pm · History


thanks for that graphic comment. :)

Posted by futura on Oct 8, 08 6:28 pm · History

ello trish...oh btw, i love your stock photos

Posted by CreateblogMUSTDIE on Aug 20, 08 12:16 am · History

ello trish...I really appreciate your commnet. It's good to know that someone enjoys my work =]

Posted by CreateblogMUSTDIE on Aug 20, 08 12:14 am · History

hi i js saw ur comment on this...

http://www.createblog.co m/scripts/script.php?id=391

and i was wondering if i can ask you for help..
i tried adjusting my column and row but it still will act funky on my myspace.. it expands..
please if you can help me :D


Posted by bbabiixamii on Aug 13, 08 8:44 pm · History


i saw a comment you posted on a tut that said you downloaded brushes and the next time you went on they were gone.. that happened to me too..

did you get a reply back saying what you should do? or what you did wrong?

Posted by gurlygirl20076 on Jul 30, 08 8:06 pm · History

yeah! i had family that lived there, they moved though. i used to live in new brunswick but i moved union a few years ago

Posted by cosmoxgirl on Jul 30, 08 1:15 pm · History

really? where in nj?

Posted by cosmoxgirl on Jul 29, 08 8:54 pm · History

How else was I suppose to get the code right,that's the only site on the web that I make my layouts at,besides I wasn't jocking the code.

Posted by wma4 on Jul 11, 08 2:26 pm · History

thanx for the comments

Posted by JRock-Layouts-and-Graphics on Jul 9, 08 4:21 pm · History

your layouts r so cute and hot..i jus wanted 2 know if u could make me 2 layout that would b a good thing 4 me. and i jjus want it 2 look hot and da pic dat i would like u 2 use is::::::http://viewmorepics.my space.com/index.cfm?fuseaction =viewImage&friendID=352847826& albumID=371227&imageID=5391365

thanx i apperiacte it

Posted by charkiid on Jul 7, 08 7:16 pm · History

thanks for having my photo as one of your favorites makes me very happy. =)

Posted by ChrissyB on Jul 6, 08 6:36 pm · History

Thanks for the comment on my picture.

Posted by verninz710 on Jul 6, 08 6:17 pm · History

Hey thanks for all the comments! = ]

Posted by cjanae on Jul 6, 08 5:16 pm · History

Hey there, thanks for favouring my graphic [:

Posted by iSbl on Jul 6, 08 12:32 am · History

silly person

you shall not compare SPENCER SMITH to Zac Efron =P

Posted by breathingsleepingscreaming on Jul 5, 08 10:56 pm · History

thanks for the comment :]

Posted by brunette925 on Jul 3, 08 3:56 pm · History

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