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I'm not perfect. I don't ever want to be. I'm pretty fucked up actually. I'm tired of being being someone I'm not. All my life I was always really shy and cute and innocent. I always tried to please people. But I'm not all that. I'm different. Don't tell me I've changed. No shit. Things have changed in my life and so have I. I don't really give a fuck anymore if people say I'm emo or preppy or whatever. I used to care a lot but now I realize that all the people who have criticized me are insecure and are jealous of something I have. All those people are probably going to live in trailer parks and become five-hundred pounds. My label is dfsdgfhbchad. That's the name of it and no one else is that label in the world. I hate labels but yet I sometimes label other people which I need to stop. I can be a hypocrite. I'll talk shit about a certain thing or tell someone not to do something and then you'll see me do it. Why? Because I know my own limits and I don't know other peoples. I am very annoying. People hate me because of that. I can't help it. That's the way I was born. If you're close to me I will probably be more weird around you. If I don't know you I will be shy. I'm protective of my close friends. If they do something stupid I'm going to lecture them until their minds explode into millions of little bite-size pieces and blood shatters everywhere. I am very social. I like people around me. I like talking. A lot. I like venting to people. I like them to listen. I don't really like to listen that much unless it's a juicy story. I'm a crappy girlfriend. I know I am but try to be the best girlfriend imaginable. Maybe I try too hard so I end up fucking up everything. I am very self conscious. I hate my gut because it's bigger than the rest of my body and my boobs because they're too small. By twenty-five I want to be beautiful. That's my goal. I also want to be Britney Spears famous. I don't want to be famous for something bad though. I wanna be known for making people happy or something like that. I really want to be a singer. I'm sick of people telling me to stop singing when I sing randomly at school. If I feel like singing I should sing without someone telling me not to. I hate authority. I hate police, teachers, bosses, parents, etc. I hate people who tell me what to do at something and they suck at that something and I'm better than them at that something. I always think I'm right. If you argue with me on something I won't change my mind. I get obsessed with things quickly. Paramore is my new obsession. I think I get obsessed because I need something to look up to since I don't have brothers or sisters or a mom. I obsess over how I look somedays. Somedays I don't care. I eat way too much. I swear I'm going to get super-uber fat if I keep eating like this. It's a habit though. I love to eat. I'm not fat yet, thank god. I hold grudges. If you screw me over I'll never forget it and remind you constantly of it but probably forgive you. I'm very sympathetic. I'm a vegetarian. People always make fun of us. We don't all only eat salads, tofu, and take protein pills. I eat junk food. I hate salad and don't take protein pills. But yet I still read the ingredients of everything before I eat it. I check to see if it has animal products in it. I know all the scientific names for animal products off the back of my hand. I do drink milk and eat eggs though. I am forced to. I don't believe in the devil or hell. I believe in ghosts, angels, spirits, aliens, and maybe vampires. I hate it when people are mean to you and you didn't do anything to them. So many people are like that. It pisses me off. I'm a germaphobe. Don't drink out of my bottle unless I know you very well. Take showers everyday too. I hate it when people say they wash their hair and take showers everday when you know they don't. Their hair is all oily and they have dirt in their fingernails and they smell like a dumpster. I can't wait to die. I don't want to die now though. I want to live my life fully. When I die I'll finally have all the questions I've been wondering answered(I hope). People think I'm stupid because I'm hyper and get bad grades. I'm not stupid. If I wanted I could get straight A's. I just need to apply myself. I dislike overachievers. They work so hard just to get a stupid letter on their report card. I love cracking knuckles. I can crack my fingers(including thumbs) 3 ways and my toes 2. I can crack my legs, arms, neck, back, jaw, you name it. Some people might think I'm gay because I love rainbows and really support gay ights more than most people and sometimes say really lezbian things. Well I'm straight. But I think low of people who don't support gay rights. Love is love. Just as long as they're not hurting you it's ok. Do we have the right to take control of their lives. I think not. I love Christina Aguilera and hard rock. Get over it. Rock and pop both are great. I don't laugh easily andwhen I do it's usually at something that looks really stupid. I don't laugh at jokes. I laugh at movies like Mr.Bean's holiday and Arnold Swarchinegar's Japan commercials for energy drinks(look it up on youtube). I change my profile everyday. I also change my pics a lot too. I'm a big myspace whore and it'd be cool if one day I became a myspace celeb. I know I'm short. I find it a compliment when people call me short. I stand my ground at 5 feet tall and am probably one of the shortest people in my school. I love my height! I'm confusing. Most likely you'll never understand everything about me. I probably don't understand you either. Well, now I've poured my heart and soul out to you and you still know very little about me. You and I have that in common.
Name Patricia Margaret
Gender Female
Location Lakeland, FL

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Thanks for the comment ^.^
I usually don't colourize since it sometimes turns out bad. If I do colourize, I try to stick to 2 colours - maximum 3 - or it feels a little crowded... And I kinda lower the opacity a little so it doesn't make the colour too strong ._.

By Firiath on Jan 10, 2009 4:43 am · History

ello trish...

By JenniferCecelia on Oct 18, 2008 12:37 pm · History

would u mind if i asked u to help me make me a layout?

By CrystalsTheBest on Oct 12, 2008 7:19 pm · History

lol thank you for the script layout =] and i'm glad i could help!

By PeRRiiN on Oct 11, 2008 6:27 pm · History


thanks for that graphic comment. :)

By futura on Oct 8, 2008 6:28 pm · History

ello trish...oh btw, i love your stock photos

By CreateblogMUSTDIE on Aug 20, 2008 12:16 am · History

ello trish...I really appreciate your commnet. It's good to know that someone enjoys my work =]

By CreateblogMUSTDIE on Aug 20, 2008 12:14 am · History

hi i js saw ur comment on this... m/scripts/script.php?id=391

and i was wondering if i can ask you for help..
i tried adjusting my column and row but it still will act funky on my myspace.. it expands..
please if you can help me :D

By bbabiixamii on Aug 13, 2008 8:44 pm · History


i saw a comment you posted on a tut that said you downloaded brushes and the next time you went on they were gone.. that happened to me too..

did you get a reply back saying what you should do? or what you did wrong?

By gurlygirl20076 on Jul 30, 2008 8:06 pm · History

yeah! i had family that lived there, they moved though. i used to live in new brunswick but i moved union a few years ago

By cosmoxgirl on Jul 30, 2008 1:15 pm · History
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